VOXS Media is an internationally operating Multimedia Consulting Company focused on Digital Media, Social Media and Digital Marketing. 

Having its origin in Austria, Europe, and its base in Los Angeles, California, working, connecting and networking internationally is of great importance to the company. VOXS Media is beating innovation in its heart and stands for strategic thinking and passion for ideas.

Planning and executing effective social media strategies for clients, and being “in the know” on new trends, applications and technologies related to Digital Media and Marketing are VOXS Media’s top priorities. The innovative Multimedia Team specializes in leveraging and utilizing Social Media to grow your customer base, engage with your target audience, increase awareness, revenue and website traffic not just nationally but internationally.  VOXS Media is passionate about creating engaging content/video content, creatively portraying organizations, creating tailored digital marketing campaigns and writing up press releases being distributed to major online magazines. 

To sum it up: VOXS Media is the ideal Social Media and Digital Marketing outsourcing solution for businesses and organizations and we would be honored to work with you as a client.


Are you interested? Click on ‘Services’ to find out what is right for you and how you can get started using Social Media to your businesses advantage.

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